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Thread: Apple cider vinegar. Ohmy

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    What is the main benefit in the context of a primal diet?

    Is it good to start digestion in the morning?

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    Have you tried Kombucha instead? Love this stuff. Once I started brewing it I was able to give up the apple cider 100% Check out website called Kombucha Kamp. Also check out Maca Powder. Super food with so many benefits. Everyone talks about how nasty it tastes. I found if you mix it with unsweetened almond milk,little pure vanilla extract and pinch in cinnamon it is very tasty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamaoftwins View Post
    Will try each of these suggestions. Thank you all. Not going to stop till I find a solution
    this stuff is too good to quit taking
    Make a small amount of *tea* with honey and drink it down quick. Don't make it too hot in case overheating ACV destroys the beneficial properties of it. I happen to love a vinegar taste, but I get why some might not.

    I think the small amount of sugar from honey will be just fine if that is what you need. Make it raw honey and you'll get the good enzymes from that, too. Win-win.

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