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Thread: More CW "proof" that fat is killing you

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    More CW "proof" that fat is killing you

    This is the worst "study" ever, I think. Only 20 people, just 1 sandwich eaten, and a one-time measurement of blood flow and suddenly it's definitely the fat that's impairing blood flow.
    They claim just eating one egg, ham, and cheese sandwich constricts blood flow and they imply it's all because of the fat, of course.
    They didn't even bother to speculate there may be other reasons the subjects' blood flow decreased. Perhaps a reaction to the gluten they just consumed? Or perhaps in response to elevated blood sugar from the white bread they just ate?
    No, the bread couldn't possibly be the culprit. It has to be the fat because we all know fat's bad for you.
    The Best and Worst Breakfasts for Your Health | Yahoo! Health
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