Okay, here's the low down.
I just cant seem to commit to the PB despite it being the route to all I have ever wanted to acheive regarding body composition and quality of life. Sure I have eliminated non PB foods and eat extremely clean, however problems that I have had in the past with food continue to haunt me.
I'm falling even more dangerously underweight (not helped by my 'fear' of fats and fear of gaining fat), training too many hours in the pursuit of my dreams to be a great endurance runner (which is in fact screwing me over because in an overtrained state i'm not making any real progress anyway).
I look at the example of Mark and just see how life could be if I could just embrace this. I guess he's the living proof that the 'conversion' from cardio addict to happy, healthy guy with the kind of body I have tried to acheive in all the wrong ways, can be done... so why cant I do it?
I guess this isnt so much a question as a rant, but i'd just really appreciate some help or support if anybody has a moment to give.