Did you ever have an idea for food you wanted to share, but didn't think it warranted its own recipe thread? Maybe you don't measure when you cook. Maybe you just wanted to share that adding a raw scrambled egg, some nori, and some lemon to your bone broth made a pretty dang good approximation of hot and sour soup.

But you thought, heck, that doesn't warrant its own thread. So that's what this thread is for. Taste combos, free hand recipes, anything you might do that isn't quite a formal recipe.

Mine: two shots of room temp tequila in a cup of Bulletproof Coffee with some sweetener may not be breakfast faire (that's a whole 'nother board), but it's an interesting take on Mexican Coffee. Hint: blend the butter into the coffee first, then add the sweetener and tequila while continuing to blend.

C'mon, tell us what you do when you're just puttering around the kitchen.