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Thread: My cholesterol panel 5 months after starting PB

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    My cholesterol panel 5 months after starting PB


    OK, so I will admit I have not made the prettiest transition to the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, but basically I have greatly increased my protein and fat intake while nearly eliminated all grains (sugar is the nemesis) since the end of June 2012. Prior to that, my protein and fat intake was pretty low.

    I had a fasting blood glucose test today due to some low BP issues (80/45! with symptoms) to rule out hypoglycemia. I had them also do a simple cholesterol panel out of curiosity. I am a 47 year old female. This is what I got:

    Total Cholesterol: 187
    LDL: 90
    HDL: 87
    Trigylcerides: 39

    13 hr. Fasting glucose: 82

    What makes it interesting to me is the comparison to my old self. I've never had a total C over 150. Typically, I run between 115-130. Last tested was 150 about 2 years ago. My non-fasting glucose has always been lower than what I had today for fasting. Weird. No help there with my low BP woes.

    My ratios are all good, but my LDL climbed by over 20% and my HDL rose 10% also. Triglycerides remained the same. I know I am operating on inaccurate CW, but I've never had my LDLs higher than my HDLs and I don't like it! The last time I had this tested, my LDLs were so low they were flagged on the results (just a few points under the reference range). I'm happy with the HDLs, that's for sure.

    I have cut back on fat and protein in the last week because I've been a glutton. I'd like to see these numbers stay where they are, since I've had chronic depression and I'm thinking my cholesterol (low) might play a role.

    Any thoughts? Comments? Warnings or adulations?
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