And here we go...

Crickets chirping

Not sure what to write...ha

Im not really a journal kind of person but I hear all the time that your suppose to write down what you eat to keep accountable so why not here.. where others can help...

Oh I'll write what I ate today.

I didnt feel like eating today so I ate around 10. 2 scrambled eggs and some bacon, coffee, half and half, stevia in the raw.

I drank my nutribullet smoothie around 2. spinach, apple, banana, flax seed, and water.

Im making a roast to make tacos for dinner. House smells heavenly. So I've decided for my dinner I'll just eat the meat and steam some veggies. Or maybe I'll eat a BAS with it. LOL That just cracks me up. BAS!! I laugh out loud everytime.

I like to drink wine while making dinner. hum.. not sure if that is okay.. I'll have to research that.

If anyone reads this I would love your input. Need all the help I can get.

Off to search this site a little more so I can plan tomorrows food.

Drinking my water! (miracle)