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Thread: Shovelglove 101: An Illustrated Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy View Post
    I am deeply ashamed at how long I let this go, but I finally wrote the first part of 201. With video this time!

    Shovelglove 201 - Comprehensive Review

    I hope you enjoy it and that it encourages you to pick up the hammer again, if indeed you ever laid it aside.
    Thanks bro, I am going to make all my boys at the station read this.

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    Hello, just stopping in to say thanks for the great information. You have no idea how helpful this is to me. I started shovelglove a while ago, and I rely on the internet to be my personal trainer, since my local gym is useless in that respect. Wish I could get everyone to try this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy View Post
    I know what you mean about being frustrated. We think we're strong because we can do big bicep curls and stuff, but there are all these little stabilizing muscles that we almost never use in daily life or in narrowly-targeted weight lifting. When it comes to holding what seems like a small weight at the end of a stick, you can really feel the inadequacy of these tiny muscles. These are the muscles people tend to strain or tweak when they start shovelglove. Fortunately, on a primal diet, it doesn't take long to build them up and you'll soon be surprised at your much stronger and more stable grip.
    I just got started, having bought my first sledge this weekend. The first day I took it slow and memorized the movements/exercises, tried to get technique right (for a beginner), and got a basic idea of what I could expect I would be able to do in reps before switching sides. I also searched my music library for tunes around 14:00 duration that had the necessary energy. Then, on my first workout day, I found out what you mean about stabilizing muscles. All of my bigger muscles (biceps, triceps, lats, delts, etc.) all felt as they usually would following a workout. But, my ribcage! My ribcage had an awesome soreness to it and I knew intuitively that it was minor muscles getting a great workout. I mean we're talking much more than just serratus anterior here - I'm gonna have to get out Grey's Anatomy if I try to figure this out better! Thanks for the inspiration! I found your guide following Mark's recent blog post about "Where's Tim".

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    Bought a sledgehammer today
    Great inspiration. Will follow your program
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