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Thread: Dynamax/Med ball clean and press video

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    Dynamax/Med ball clean and press video

    I am trying to find a video that shows good form for a dynamax ball/medicine ball (or any other ball that doesn't have handles) clean and press. My trainer introduced me to this recently and I'm having a problem getting the shoulder shrug and following parts right. I've learned it really helps to watch videos at home where I can see good form and practice movements. I don't like to trust my memory on a movement that gives me trouble - this is one real good way to teach my body the wrong way.

    So far I've not succeeded in finding a video that shows the entire movement. Lots of videos on a clean using a ball, but the very few I've seen that adds the press have bad form (no shoulder shrug). I've a problem with not wanting to shrug and letting go of the ball when I switch hand positions - and while that works with a ball it would be bad to do that with a bar...

    If anyone knows of an appropriate video I would appreciate it. I've been searching for the last 30 minutes with no luck.
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