I've been reading a lot of paleo/primal literature here and in books, as well as papers on gluten, sugar & cholesterol that have been linked to on this site and others and I am left with one question.

Why am I not fat and full of disease?

I think the theory behind ancestral eating is far more sound than the theory behind the SAD. It never made sense to me that calories were all that mattered, and it didn't make sense as a teenager that eating low fat was all that mattered (endless jelly beans and twizzlers were okay, but not an egg, lol).

However. I am in my mid-thirties and ate a SAD diet all my life. In the last 10-15 years, I have exercised semi-regularly and adjusted eating habits as needed to keep my weight in check. But I was never great at this. I'd run or do a weight/cardio routine for 4 months, but then take 4 months off. I swapped out hot pockets for tuna, but it took a while longer to regularly eat vegetables & until recently I always gave in a little to my cookies and candy cravings.

In spite of my good health, I wanted to change to this way of life because my grandparents lives ended with Alzheimers, Cancer, and Cancer. One is still alive at 86. I had one cousin die in his mid-forties from cancer, another cousin who had cancer in her twenties, and an uncle who has battled colon cancer for 5 years. No heart attacks, no obesity in the family, though.

I question why I am able to live a CW-type lifestyle without too many side effects while others are overweight and have so much trouble losing the weight? If it was all carbs & sugar, I think I'd be as big as most Americans. Is it all gluten sensitivity? Have my moderate attempts to exercise & control my eating been enough?

What about environmental factors? I don't see that discussed around here, but the EPA thinks it's a pretty big deal for our health. (As someone working in the power industry, I've found it ironic that we have ever-tightening emissions standards, but it's government-approved to poison yourself with our standard food. I don't support pollution, but I think we've done a pretty good job there and very little with our diets by comparison.)

I feel like there's still one more missing link. Anyone else have similar questions? I'm interested in any research you can point me to or your opinions.