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    And did you ever notice, you can't judge a book by it's cover? I've seen so many seemingly healthy and strong people get cancer or other diseases you'd think should only hit unhealthy looking people. I've also seen old, fat, slobby people who are fit as a horse and never had so much as a cold.

    At least adopting Primal Blueprint as your guide makes you feel like you are in control...

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    Your relative good health on SAD isn't all that much of a surprise. First off...your still fairly young. These are chronic diseases that develop over decades that we are discussing. There is more to life than nutrition. I like the theories of allostatic load when answering what at first seem to be paradoxical questions. Allostatic load - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And consider that when you have to adapt to any biological stressor to a great degree you lose the ability to adapt to another stressor of a different type.

    So no its not "one" missing link. Its several. Its the every aspect of your lifestyle that effects your allostatic load and hence the ability to respond new stress.
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    You just don't know what the chink in your personal armor is. Most people at least have dental and facial bone structure issues and it's so common as to be unseen because we think it's normal. You probably have that even though you are thin and "healthy." Some people experience the next crack in their health with obesity and metabolic syndrome issues. Elevated triglycerides showed up for me at age 19 and some level of obesity has always been with me. Others get cancer early on. Some may see nothing and live until old age with good health. That doesn't mean they couldn't have had even better health all those years.
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    Also if you're sleeping well, I'd say that's a big factor in keeping the evil munchies away - eating 2000 calories of crap your body may be able to adapt to, but if you eat 4000 calories of crap because your hormones are out of whack and are telling you to eat an excessive amount of crap then you're much more likely to be sick/obese (especially because you won't process those 4000 calories correctly).

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    I wonder this as well, but have chalked it up to mysteries in our childhoods: imagine all of the different variations on our mother's health while pregnant, whether we were breastfed (and what our moms ate while breastfeeding), whether we ate plenty of crap but also a lot of good stuff, whether our diets were great as toddlers and worse as teens (or poor from the beginning), sleep habits, how much time we spent playing outside, whether our parents/gparents, were or are healthy. Etc. Etc. I think our beginnings set the stage for what happens later in life and how long we swim against the tide. I drank a lot of whole milk, veggies from the garden, and ate a lot of beef as a child, (as well as a lot of pasta, potatoes, and cereal) and we definitely had a limited amount of food around in our big family. Sugar was unheard of until our family had more money when I was in high school. I then was vegetarian for 9 years before I started having pretty bad health problems. I was never overweight, though I think I was headed that way if my health hadn't sounded the alarm first.

    In the end, though, I can only think of one obese person on either side of my extended families, and really, she's more just plump. That has to be relevant.

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