Well I found this site after searching the web. I need a change. Tired of being tired, tired of my medical issues. I used to eat sort of this way but fell off the wagon and all my symptoms came back. So I found this site and thought... I will have a support team to help this time and resources too! I can do this. I let life get in the way and my health goes to the side...

A little nervous that will happen again. I want to stick with this...

(Wish I lived in a little house the woods, with no stress, no stressful job, no worries, no money worries, so I could spend my time only worrying about what to eat and how to exercise.... sigh) LOL I need help with balance.. Any suggestions?

I'm 44 years old and I want to feel healthy. I'm 95% positive I have PCOS. Hair loss, weight gain for no reason even when you eat healthy the way the gov. says to eat,, female health problems, but I finally got insurance. (heavens open up and the angels are singing!!!) I go to the DR. on the 26th.

I have A LOT of stress in my life. A LOT!!!! Trying to handle it one day at a time. And on top of all that I'm a stress eater. Great combo!! LOL (closing eyes... dreaming of house in woods)

Not going to go into all the details of my crazy upside down life. Don't want to make you all cry.

So here are my goals...I was a runner. Ran a 1/2 marathon back in 2011. I sprained my ankle before the run and ran it anyway (Im very stubborn) and broke my toe after the run dropping something heavy on it in the garage. KLUTZ that I am... I want to run again, lose the weight so my clothes fit better and get my energy back. I know my health issues will improve and I wont have to have surgery.

Okay off to search and learn more on this site. So glad I found it, so glad to be here!

CW- 153
GW- 130