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    What should portion sizes look like for a teenage gir;?

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    14 years old, 149 pounds, 5'3". I want to lose fat around my belly and legs. I need to get lighter for running as well.

    For breakfast I've been having 3 eggs and 2 slices of bacon + 35g of butter (which I'm thinking is too much?)

    Lunch is a salad, which isn't huge. 1 salmon fillet with 6 or 7 nuts and some lettuce and leaf things. :P

    Dinner is a cut of meat (not usually fatty and not very big) and some steamed veggies. The meat would probably be palm sized.

    Then I usually have a bowl of fruit. Strawberries and blueberries and around 5 tea spoons of Greek yoghurt.

    I've been doing this for around two weeks now. I'm not sure about satiety signals, because if i'm not hungry for lunch I can't just leave it and eat it at, say, 3:00PM. I'd get some weird looks if I was in class. And some days I'm hungrier than others. But does this look like too much food for weight loss? I will also start HIIT in the form of running when I clear my cold.

    I'm scared that I eat as much as men haha.

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    If you've been eating this way for 2 weeks, have you experienced any weight loss? As far as portion size is concerned, if you don't lose or gain, you're eating to maintain your weight. To lose, there has to be a deficit. If you haven't lose any weight, you might want to give it a few more weeks and then consider smaller portions if you are showing no loss at all.

    Keep in mind that females will often show 2-5 lbs additional on the scale at the time of their periods, as the body retains some water in the process, so that's why the scale number can be deceiving at that time of the month.

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    You should start lifting weights. Muscle building is a faster fat burner than HIIT.
    Why Women Should Not Be Afraid of Gaining Muscle | Poliquin Article

    HIIT is good but it is bad to do it at night if you plan to go to bed after. It is best to do cardio in the morning because you have high HGH and if you do it before your first meal you will burn more fat than any other time of the day.

    Want to lose weight? Maybe skip breakfast. - Crude Fitness

    For a good female workout plan I suggest
    Visual Impact for Women I used the male version and had great results from it.

    Personally I only do HIIT twice a week for 15 minutes. A lot of teenage girls put too much effort and focus on intense cardio because they think that it is the best way to lose fat when really they over do it and neglect muscle building.

    Doing more than two days worth of heavy cardio a week can be bad for your body and lead to slower metabolism, bone loss and a bunch of other bad stuff

    If you want to lose more weight. Then i'd skip breakfast. You will burn more fat by fasting until lunch. Just move your current breakfast to the end of the day instead of your traditional desert. Or if you want have your breakfast when you come home from school as a snack

    I would also say that if you want to lose weight that you should take your ideal weight, the number of lbs you want to weight and multiply it by 15 and that would be the number of calories you eat on days you workout out. THen on days you rest take that ideal weight and multiply it by 10 and eat that much.

    I used this method to lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks last september. I was 160 lbs but wanted to weight 150. So I did this

    150 lbs x 15 = 2250 calories on a workout day

    150 lbs x 10 = 1500 calories on a rest day

    I skipped breakfast and had first meal at 12, and had lunch at 4 after my workout, then dinner at 7 or 8 and be done eating by 9.

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    Hi ebrady, congratulations on your commitment to your health and fitness. The quality of your food looks good, I am impressed that you have put together such a meal plan. As others have said, if you are not losing weight on this amount then you need to drop back a little on consumption and/or lift some weights to build some muscle.

    However since you are probably still growing I don't think you should make drastic cutbacks or too intensive workouts, but just tweak a bit. I am much older than you but similar in height. While losing weight (from 140-130) I started my day with 2eggs and some vege such as silverbeet. I was also doing a weights class twice a week. Maybe you could try some squats and planks or pressups.

    Muscle weighs more but takes up less space than fat so you will look and feel slimmer while burning even more fat - way to go.

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    PS don't worry about what others eat, most people don't know how to feed themselves properly. At a recent family dinner I ate more meat than anyone except my teenage nephew (less cake though, lol).

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    It doesn't look pour you're eating much, but have you lost weight or inches? If that's your goal, measuring or weighing is the only way to tell if you're eating too much or too little.
    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

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