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    I don't see the point... really using basic soaps (if you really have to) are enough to kill most germs, and you don't WANT to kill them all! I hate all the ads on TV talking about the latest and greatest antibacterial thing that will kill 99.9% of germs as if that's a good thing!!

    I'm sure my family are healthier for avoiding all those products, and actually allowing ourselves to get a few bacteria on ourselves.

    I especially hate those water free hand sanitisers. Ick. My kids' classroom has one, and they had to get a permission form filled in to use it... hah... no way was I signing it! Geez it's enough for kids to give their hands a good rinse with water, surely?!

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    We have a soapdish next to each sink in the house, filled with typically at least two different bars of soap (I simply like variety) - but it is as crunchy-organic of a soap as I can find, never any added chemical anti-bac crap added, and frequently a soap made nearby by cottage-industry soapmakers who, BTW, make seriously fine and gentle bars.

    I have four kids, and between meat grease, finger paint, wiping the schnozz with bare hands, helping the Papa maintain the cars and heaven knows what else, I think a bar of soap for the hands isn't amiss when the crud gets too thick or before the progeny grab hold of Daddy's clean dress shirt (with Daddy in it) just before he leaves for his office... And PlayDoh and modelling clay stay unspoiled MUCH longer when the kids wash off the grunge before using it! The number of colds and such has been reduced dramatically around here just by washing our hands immediately upon our return home from a jaunt "out in public" (like libraries and any place where many human hands are), so I think hand washing itself a Good Thing - just not with sanitizers, and even with soap, not constantly - just judiciously.

    I have read before that those types of scientists who take and analyze samples from our environments are finding Triclosan in places they shouldn't, much like DDT and pharmaceuticals - a good enough reason in my book not to use it. I think sanitizing the skin should be reserved for special occasions like surgery incisions.

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    We haven't used said soap in years and years. Probably not since 2002 or so? We switched to castile soap at that time.

    At that time, we used it for everything.

    Now, we pretty much just use vinegar for all cleaning: hands, hair, laundry, general house cleaning. I also do oil cleansing (for body/hair conditioning), and we use baking soda and vinegar for dishes (it's a two-step process. paste of baking soda with water, then scrub dishes, then rinse in hot, then spray with vinegar before putting on drying rack -- makes dish washing quick, really).

    We are clean.

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    interesting dish cleansing protocol zoebird!
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    I don't use it partly because we have a septic system at our house and need bacteria to keep it working well, but mostly because it's one of the worst things around. Hello.... resistant superbugs! I use just regular soap but not even that on a regular basis. Everything in the kitchen and bathroom just gets wiped down with cheap ol' hydrogen peroxide.

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    I either use Grandma's Lye soap from Remwood Products (hey soap made with lard can't be all bad) or Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap. I like to use the peppermint soap in the summer.
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    I use Purell after I pump gas cause I hate that smell but that's it. It's really drying to the skin.
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    I generally agree, though I do sometimes use antibacterial gel when I work. But my work isn't exactly normal.

    I'm out in all parts of the city, touching things that have been crapped on by diseased pigeons, handled by bums that just took a dump 3 feet away in the corner of the alley and wiped with an old sock, and grabbed by people that hacked up a lung 30 seconds prior. So I'm a bit more exposed to the scary stuff than the average guy.

    But even with all of that, I won't use it unless I have a really good idea that I've got a whole lot all over me and I'm about to eat something with my hands. I'm not comfortable getting rid of every germ on the planet, and I feel like more exposure makes my immune system stronger. But still... I'm also not comfortable eating a piece of cheese covered in the bum poop bugs that are all over my hands.
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    I have to use had sanitizer at work, but it doesn't have triclosan, just alcohol and a few stabilizers. I still don't like it. I'm a fan of leaving bits of food in my frying pan and reanimating it later with the next day's meal.
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    I use soaps. I don't think they're too effective, and honestly I have better things to think about than soap. I'll avoid taking antibiotics but as far as soaps go, I think they're useless and harmless enough.
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