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Thread: Soon to start Primal Living. I am also new to the forum, Hello Everyone page

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    Soon to start Primal Living. I am also new to the forum, Hello Everyone

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    I wanted to say hello to everyone and that I am new to the forum. I will be starting Primal Living in a few weeks and am excited and looking forward. I am trying to convince my Wife to start with me. I think she will but is resistant to giving up everything.
    Does anyone know how much Vitamin A (retinol) along with Vitamin D3?

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    Welcome. I hope you make a great start to primal living and that your wife will agree to join you. While it is important to ditch the sugars, grains and processed products from your diet, I do not tend to think of primal as "giving up everything" as there is so much delicious food that IS allowed. I would suggest you start with the focus on meat and veges and making them taste good. Also have some tasty primal treats ready to go - fruit, nuts, cheese, cream (although be warned that too much of these things can halt weight loss if that is your goal). Best wishes.

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