Hi everybody, I have been reading a lot on this forum and it seems like a good place to ask a fitness question. I appreciate the health first view of Mark and members here, so I want to ask this question in that same light. I have recently discovered I love doing obstacle course races like spartan race, warrior dash, tough mudder etc. although I have only done a few so far. My question is, what is the best, healthiest way to train for this type of event? If you go to the spartan race website they post a free WOD every day and it is supposedly to get you ready for their races. It is a mix of intervals with running, burpees, (they are big on these) planks, bear crawls and so on. Its kind of like the cross fit WODs but no Olympic lifting.
I wasn't sure if this was a good way to go about it, there is quite a bit of mileage in the running and you workout pretty much every day if you follow the WOD. anyway, thats just as example of what they offer, im not asking if I should follow the WOD just what you guys think is the best way to train and be healthy so you can be competitive at obstacle racing.
thank you!