I'd like to train for bodyweight feats. Specifically: handstand push ups, one arm pull ups, muscle ups, full planche, and plyo pistols. I have an idea of exercises to train for these skills, but my concern is two fold. First, should I train all these skills at once? And two, should I replace my PBF routine with a routine of skill exercises? My current routine consists of two rounds of:

Speed pull ups
Plyo pushups(second round I switch to single bar dips)
Planks(or hanging sit ups)
Assisted pistols

The exercises I'm currently thinking about are:
Frenchies(do a pull up/chin up, hold at the top, do another, hold at 90 degrees, do another, hold at 135, that's one)
Waist push ups(hands down by your hips, fingers turned outward)
Frog stand(working toward 1 min before progressing to tucks)

Any suggestions whether it be for more progressive exercises or in answer to my concerns would be much appreciated.