Hello everyone;

I'll try to keep this brief, but please hang in there - I could use some help!!

I have had poor health most of my adult life. Started with chronic GI issues and fatigue in my late teens, some skin issues. Eventually morphed in to full blown horrible rheumatoid arthritis.

Fast forward through a couple decades of suffering and misery and I found primal eating. I do an auto-immune version of this diet with no nuts, eggs, nightshades, etc. I got amazing results - lost weight, put my RA into near remission, improved energy, corrected Vit D deficiency. But I still never really felt great.

A few months ago I developed horrendous depression and anxiety. I've been bouncing to and from different doctors and have finally found one I like. He believes that all my health issues stem from my gut. I have had a lot of risks for that - lots of antibiotic use growing up (2x this year), heavy pesticide exposure, etc.

Is it possible that I could have "leaky gut" after more than 2 years of eating a paleo diet? I have been doing tons of reading about gut health, and while I find lots of people who are working on treating their guts, I never really read of any successes

Has anyone successfully restored their health (including depression/anxiety) by focusing on their guts?

Thanks so much for any help. I am sick and tired of watching life pass me by. I want to be well.