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Thread: How long can carb flu last?

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    You might direct her to the blog of Dr Peter Attia, The Eating Academy for some good tips on transitioning to low carb.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I will pass it along to her.

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    I am so glad I read this Forum! I have been Primal for about 6 weeks, commitment level 100%. This is not my first time around but I'm in it for the long haul this time. I felt more energy, positive and "wow I can't believe I don't crave sugar." Things were going very well. Not a lot of weight loss but I felt/feel that will fall into place later. I am on the second week of the worst energy drop, my housemate calls me a mucus monster in the morning, some hacking up junk and I get an occasional headache. I don't have sinus or respiratory infection. It just takes a lot to get motivated and I don't feel the energy I used too. I caught a flu meds commercial on TV and thought... "Maybe that's it, carb flu." I just didn't think it would happen after I'd been at it for a few weeks and felt so great in the beginning.
    When I read that people experience it for five weeks or longer I know I am on the right path. Also I have been cutting back the past couple weeks to encourage weight loss and that may have stepped up the symptoms. I'm going to add the fat back to where it was. Thank you again for posting your own experiences one and all.

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    Mine lasted over 2 weeks. What actually helped a lot was a good probiotic.

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    Took around five days for me (basically totally dysfunctional during that time), but for some people it takes more like four weeks.

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    My wife is having the same issues, hunger, no weight loss, tired, says it just isn't working. She's been Primal for two months. I didn't think she was eating enough and the answers on this thread confirm it. I have informed her she needs MOAR FAT. We'll see how it goes.

    It also annoys her that I keep losing weight. I hit 160 yesterday for the first time since 1986.

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