I've bounced on and off the Paleo diet for a couple of years. I always feel better physically when I'm eating Paleo, and I lose weight and look better, but I have a deep love of cheese and bread I need to get over. Since I'm overall healthy by overweight American standards, I never really worried too much about it.

The past six months have been a wild ride, however. I'm a stay at home mom now, which I'm loving, but the physical activity meter is riding pretty low these days and my weight is at an all-time high. And it doesn't help that I'm a wicked awesome baker.

Since I left my job, I've had some difficulties though, which my brand new therapist tells me normal in post traumatic stress cases. We learn to manage the bad thoughts by burying them under a thick layer of work and busy, write off the depressed as tired from all the previous work and busy, and the nightmares... well, those are only a problem at night. But when you take away the work and busy, there's nothing to hide all those things you've refused to deal with, and up they come in waves and droves.

I'll do anything to feel better, and I'm hoping that the Primal lifestyle might help me mentally as much as it helps me physically. If nothing else, I've been mandated by my therapist to get some exercise every day.

So we start with dinner tonight. I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and biscuits and gravy for lunch - depression food. But I pulled out a braised beef roast for dinner, and I'm about to start the mashed potatoes and turnips (no milk, no sharp cheddar as Rachel Ray initially indicated it should be cooked with) and a butter lettuce salad with oil and vinegar.

{sigh} Only one way to go from here. May as well get walking.