Have any of you guys been watching Recipe to Riches? I have, because I might be a masochist. XD I love the Food network. Anywho, something recently bugged me about it.

I've been buying one each of their stuff from the show, and having it for a little cheat, but they have the recipes on their website. So I compared the meatballs they sold me to the recipe on their website and did a big WTF. The meatballs they sold were full of wheat fillers and chemicals. The recipe on their website didn't even have breadcrumbs! Leave out the sugar and it was practically paleo. Srsly, what the hell?

I suppose I shouldn't expect anything better, but if they're going to make these people make a thousand batch of their stuff to prove it can be upscaled, you'd think they wouldn't torment the recipe to that degree. But I guess it's all about making it cheap.