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Thread: First day of paleo, how am I doing?

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    First day of paleo, how am I doing?

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    Hi, my name is Jose and I just started doing paleo today, I've been reading a lot during the past few days and I have to say I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the information that's out there! I've been putting it off for weeks because I didn't know where to start, so today I decided to just go at it with the most basic meals I know I can have and develop it from there.

    Anyway, a little info about me, I currently weigh 236lbs and I am 5'9", need to loose about 60lbs or so.

    My biggest challenge regarding paleo will definitely be eating veggies and fruit, which I rarely do and so far don't like most of them unless they are "disguised" in sauce or something.

    As far as physical activity goes, I started doing crossfit over a month ago, 2 times a week and now I've switched to three times, I also walk one or two miles most days to move around the city (yay europe!).

    Anyways, wanted to show you guys today what I ate and see if it's ok for paleo (as well as quantity/quality wise), these would be staple meals for me, I'd probably have them more than 7 times a week.

    4 strips of bacon (thin, regular oscar mayer bacon), 3 eggs. Ill probably have eggs in some shape or form every day for breakfast for the next few weeks, until I find alternatives.

    a whole bunch of grilled green peppers and a grilled 300gr steak, not sure what the cut is called in the US, according to google the closest would be round (a picture is worth a thousand words so here you go). I'm affraid this cut has too much fat, although I don't eat most of the fat but I have no problems with it, if it's relatively thin and crispy I actually like it and that's the part I eat.

    Can't embed picture, don't know why, here's a link:

    Not sure if Ill have any, I'm not really hungry (I have the flu, great day to start paleo huh?), If I do it will probably be a 300gr tenderloin with grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms.

    I know that I need more veggies, but I just don't know where to begin, it's so weird having to buy and prepare something that I have avoided most of my life, but Ill start experimenting tommorow.

    My main proteins would be red meat, pork, eggs, bacon, Ill try to incorporate some chicken and fish in there, but that will take some time, I don't like them much without simple carbs.

    My main doubt has to do with how fatty the meat cuts can be, from what I've been reading, it doesn't seem to matter, is this right?

    Well, sorry about this very long first post!

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    I'm not a meat expert so I'll let someone else tackle those questions for you... what your day is missing is a Big Ass Salad. Go out and procure yourself some organic veggies.

    My salad is composed like this. First, wash and rip up a head of some romaine lettuce. Then add more greens to taste. I add whatever I can get, sometimes it's kale, sometimes spinach, sometimes a box of Spring Mix...

    Then come the nibblies... Cucumber is a must. Other things you can add.. Carrots, beets, zucchini, cabbage, snow peas, black olives, sunflower seeds or pepitas if you desire... I usually do cukes, carrots, and beets, because they're my favorites and cause they're fairly easy to come by.

    Top it off with half an avocado cut into small pieces, a little bit of salt, and some crushed walnuts. Eat with 3 eggs fried in coconut oil. You could make them into a broccoli omelet for even more veggie goodness. Enjoy!!

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    Ideally, your meat would come from pastured sources, and your bacon would be uncured. Fat is nothing to worry about, although I personally wouldn't go around chowing down on steak fat from conventionally fed cows because of the Omega 6s. I actually can't buy conventionally fed meat anymore because I feel too guilty about the animals' quality of life.

    Also, if you need sauces for your veggies, or fish, or whatever you have a hard time eating without something more flavorful - make yourself some awesome sauces and put it on everything!
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    Just a quick heads-up, attachments (photos) take for ages to be 'approved'. You're better off linking to an external site/photo.

    As for not liking veggies, you'll be surprised how your sense of taste changes over time. Have you tried stir-frying?

    A typical stir-fry for me goes something like this:

    Chop up one small onion, add to frying pan or wok.

    Slice (thin) chicken or beef, goat, emu, whatever.

    Add a dash of coconut oil, stir around a bit until meat is cooked and onions browning...

    Dump a load of chopped up veggies into the wok

    Add a small amount of water, about half a coffee mug

    Stir for a bit until all veggies are lightly cooked (very light, so still crispy on the whole)

    Sprinkle some salt or other seasoning on top, mix around a bit, empty into 2 or 3 bowls, depending on volume.

    As a staple meal I can easily get down to a 'reasonable' weight with that. It's not enough to shift the last 10lbs or so but if you have 60lbs to move and have generally avoided soggy and horrible veggies you'll find it an easy and tasty way to shed the first 30lb or more.

    It's hard to over-eat on chicken and veggies


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    You don't need the fruit. Just vegetables for bulk and nutrients in your diet.
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    Thanks for the heads up Alan.

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    Look up cauliflower "rice" or faux mashed potatoes recipes. Super easy way to get more veggies in your diet, and cauliflower is really good for you! I find any dark leafy green tastes amazing sauteed with onion, mushroom and garlic in coconut oil. Also, if you decide to steam veggies, a hearty pat of grassfed butter makes them taste great. And stay away from the conventional bacon please and get uncured, those nitrates in conventional bacon are scary stuff. Have fun!
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    I think you have made a great start. Eggs, fatty meat and veges. You will find many ways to extend your variety as you go on but I think you have the general idea.

    Your tastes will change as you go on, even carrots will begin to taste sweet etc. But meanwhile it is fine to "disguise" veges with a tasty primal sauce

    eg heat some thick real cream in a pot until it becomes even thicker, add some grated cheese and salt and pepper. Pour over broccoli or any other vegetable.

    or save the fat from your bacon for stirfrying mushrooms, leeks, silverbeet etc.

    Or just use real butter and add cooked bacon. There are lots of things you can do, but you don't have to do them all at once. Getting rid of the junk and focussing on real food is an awesome start.

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    Doesn't look to bad. My main advice is don't get too caught up in the tweeks and details until you feel pretty solid about your eating. I wouldn't worry about you bacon being reguar ol' bacon or your meat being conventional meat just yet. Just get the basics. Eat meat and veggies, limit the fruit, keep dairy to a mild level (if you are eating it at all). You can worry about Omega 3/6 levels, nitrates in your bacon and so on and so on AFTER you get comfortable eating the basic food. It seems like it just gets too easy to become overwhelmed by all the nitty gritty crud other wise!

    Now, when it comes to eating more veggies, here are some of my favorites. A head of broccoli gently steamed and topped off with a bit of melted cheddar cheese. Shredded zucchini covered in spaghetti sauce (sometimes including other veggies too). A stir-fry type thing with bits of a variety or veggies and chunks of beef.

    You say you haven't really eaten many veggies in your life so I would offer two further suggestions.

    1) Each week, buy a veggie you have never tried before and try it. Do a quick google if needed to figure out a good way to eat it.

    2) Try preparing veggies in different ways. I prefer most of my veggies raw and some, like beets I LOVE raw grated in salad but find to be kinda 'meh' in larger chunks and I don't care for them at all when cooked.

    (also, experiment with spices as a replacement for sauces!)

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    Thanks for all the great advice guys and gals!

    I haven't had any cheese, Ill try to keep it to a minimum because I know calories from cheese add up real fast (even though I'm not counting calories). Ill save it for when I have salads, with goat cheese or some parmesan.

    I'm now researching dishes, sauces and salad dressings, are there any desserts on paleo? I used to have fat free frozen yogurt before, which I really enjoyed, but I think it's not paleo friendly .

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