The straight dope on cholesterol

I finally finished reading this. Its a long hard read with may more information than I can comprehend. At the end of the day, I was a little disappointed. I am not interested, nor do I understand, how cholesterol esterfies and de=esterfies and gets stuck in your walls ect.. I was more interested in what I, as a normal knowledged human being can do. He never seems to answer this.

What I've learned is:
-Low LDL is the most important thing.
-High HDL doesnt protect you like people think.

And finally in part 9 he briefly touches on what we can do to help, as he says glucose and fructose are bad on their own and worse together.

What kind of foods contain glucose? For some reason I thought all carbs did?

Anyway, my hope was to make a thread where we can discuss the straight dope and maybe have some of our resident know-it-alls help with some of the tougher ideas.