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Thread: Stevia and Luo Han Guo

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    Hey guys, I've been primal and visiting the site since May. Got the book and read it in a day and I've been visiting the forums alot so I figured I should join.

    What's everyone's take on stevia and luo han guo sweeteners? I try to minimize my intake of them but their both in my whey protein power and I had a little extra of the two when I make Sludge (whey protein, pure cacao power, almond butter, water, mixed and frozen till ice cream consistency...pure primal heaven if your okay with sweeteners).

    Other than that, sometimes I'll have a Zevia, the new soda with stevia but other than that I don't consume it in excess.

    I want to move away from it eventually and find a better way to make Sludge without it, cause I heard that stevia still might trick the body into producing insulin and I really don't want to *need* these things you know?

    so yeah, whats everyones take?

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    I like stevia and I use it a lot actually. I like the liquid stevia. When I need a grainy sweetener I use Z-Sweet (Erythritol.) I have a stevia plant and it's surprising how sweet the leaves really are.

    I've tried the Zevia. It's not bad. I'm not a soda drinker but at parties it's nice to have a treat when everybody else is drinking beer.

    I've never heard about the stevia/insulin thing. Would be interesting to find out.

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