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Thread: Blood vessel function: "velocity time integral". What does it mean ?

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    Question Blood vessel function: "velocity time integral". What does it mean ?

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    Saw in this article about breakfast sandwiches, this term "velocity time integral" as a measurement of blood vessel healthy function.

    How Unhealthy Are Breakfast Sandwiches? -

    I am wondering if anyone can provide more enlightenment on this parameter and what it means ? Also, I am curious of the short-term and immediate negative effects noted are due to the carbs, fat, or combination of both, in this presumably high carb and high fat conventional breakfast sandwich, and whether there are any studies linking the typical low carb, high fat Primal way of eating to these same (claimed) negative effects on blood vessel performance ?

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    You won't find a study about low carb high fat as researches don't really want to look at it. It is much easier to take that highly processed breakfast sandwich made with processed cheese (full of vet oils) and that huge wheat filled bun and conclude it is the fat.
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