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Thread: Need some Winter Motivation

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    Need some Winter Motivation

    Howdy all, hope you're all rocking out. I got serious about the primal lifestyle in January 2012. It's been a great year...lost 36 pounds, gained friends, mended relationships, got stronger and happier. Having said all that, I am a little bummed of late. One of my goals was a sixpack (abs) for my 38th Bday. I am staring that date in the face and I don't think I can shed that last LITTLE bit of belly fat in time. Sooo close. Gone from 6'1" 208lbs, to 172 and there is still a tiny bit of fat. Overall, though, body composition has dramatically improved. I know, be happy with what I have achieved, but still...

    I have been cranking pushups, pullups, planks, bodyweight squats and trailrunning and surfing (does paddling out count as sprints? ) I have avoided track sprints due to some ankle injuries in the past...yeah, yeah excuses

    But as the Winter approaches, I find myself in need of larger motivation. I have always been prone to some Seasonal Affective Disorder and find myself getting depressed in the long cold gray months. I have started a high-quality vitamin D supplement and am trying to stay active, but it is hard with sleet, slush and snow. I run a farm so spend hundreds of hours outdoors in the spring summer and fall, in the winter, this Grok just wants to hibernate. I don't want to lose the gains I've made, but, even on this beautiful late fall day, I can feel the weight of Winter starting to bear down on me... Last Winter was great because weight was literally falling off. Without the dramatic improvements to look forward too, I need to find new inspiration. Help me MDA, you're my only hope!
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