Hi all,

I run with vibrams and soon after getting used to those I changed my work shoes to Merell Barefoot Pace Glove. Being a nurse, I am on my feet the whole time at work. When wearing 'conventional' sensible nursing shoes with a bit of a heel I noticed I would get a bit of lower back pain. The change to barefoot eliminated the back pain but with the thin sole I find that the soles of my feet ache more, my knees ache at the end of a shift too.

This week I began working on a 12 hour roster and did three 12 hour shifts in a row. My feet were throbbing at the end of the days and this morning on my first day off I got out of bed and my feet were sore on hitting the ground. Knees are a little achey too.

I was talking about this to a couple of workmates and they of course advised I wear a more supportive shoe like a birkenstock clog. They rave about how comfy they are.

Now I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my barefoot walking technique? Surely the natural way should be the least painful and better for my body.

Does anyone have advice on why my feet are so achey, if I'm doing the right thing going 'barefoot' style for a 12 hour shift on my feet, or any posture/technique flaws that might be causing my problems?

I'd love to hear what other primal nurses do..