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    Necky, why are you impersonating a spambot?

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    If that is true, they are likely very wrong. I expect many people just LEAVE rather than wade through all this spam. It isn't good for the site. Since other sites don't subject users to this, I wonder why it is so tolerated here?

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    The offer's been made repeatedly. MDA has to understand that this impacts the trust on the commercial side as well. Especially given the breach on that side in the not so distant past. Hell, even Craigslist doesn't get bombed like this even if your ads garner spam responses.
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    Agreed - there has to be a way to shore up the defenses so the volume at least decreases, if not disappears entirely. I'm surprised that a website with such a strong community of devoted regulars isn't regulated better. It's not like the forum is infrequently used - knowing that moderators exist (and even who those mods are) and even better are a daily presence in the threads, would be the minimum of support you would expect.

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