Hey everyone, im a pretty recent convert to the primal life, and im loving learning new things here on the site. I was wondering if anyone else who follows a low carb diet, ever has trouble staying asleep, or not feeling rested even after a full nights sleep? This usually happens when my carbs get really low, I find myself waking up and craving something to eat, and end up going to town on trail mix or something i shouldnt eat a half pound of haha.

i remember this same sort of effect from doing carb cycling diets a few years ago trying to lose weight. Could it be just due to low calorie intake, and does it pass if you just fight through it? i do drink a few cups of coffee a day, but this doesn't seem to correlate with drinking more or less coffee, although i do drink more to compensate on days after this happens. any advice or similar experiences would be great, even if just to help me feel normal, thanks!