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Thread: Low Carb and Sleeping problems?

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    Really? Exercise always wakes me up even more. What helps is meditation and thinking happy thoughts.
    Which explains why I can never sleep :/ I'm like an energizer bunny on steroids, with murderous tendencies.

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    Yeah, counterintuitive isn't it? I think that was why I waited for so long to try it. It was better than laying there wondering why I couldn't sleep. Even melatonin didn't work.

    I don't push hard on the treadmill, just kind of a casual walk.

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    I second the half of a sweet potato suggestion. I think that adding in 50g of carbs/day to replace some protein can help one avoid some of the unpleasant effects of ketosis. Most people adjust fine after a month or so, but others seem to have hypothyroid problems, trouble sleeping or diarrhea after a while. I think very low carb or even zero carb is great, but I don't think that going sub 40-50g of carbs/day for more than a few months at a time (without higher carb days) is the best idea.
    This is all observational, however.

    Oh, and I am not really a believer that fruits and veggies are necessary, so I have a different opinion than Mark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger_Dave View Post
    Ry- Do you eat your sweet potato at night? or did it just help in general?
    I only eat two meals a day but I will typically have a sweet potato with both meals, one being around 10-11 AM and the other being around 6-7 PM. I am also in bed before 10 PM everyday except on rare occasions. So I guess my answer is both, I do eat sweet potato at night, but I also have some in the morning.

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    i think i should try getting some more exercise in, i have been slacking, its true. work and school take serious time. i like having a moderate carb level better, but id like to have it lower just so i could beat the craving, get my body really adapted to a fat metabolism, and just get the thoughts about 'just a little indulgence' out of my mind. a sweet potato once a week would probably not kill me though, might opt for a squash to stay true primal

    im defiantely trying to get my light exposure managed, ive got timers and blackout curtains now, but with roomates who like staying up late, and a g/f who wakes up early, its hard sometimes.

    and cutting out caffeine, haha, wow that be interesting. it gave up my soy lattes, and drank black coffee instead, which upped my caffeine, but im trying to stick to 8 oz servings with heavy cream.

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    Saving some carbs for later in the day will help a lot. I drink camomile tea with honey every night around 10pm and it puts me out with great sleep all night. I also take HTP Calm with dinner and I can see a real difference in energy and great sleep after finding magnesium oil spray, I order from Amazon but someone on here said they found it cheaper in drugstores, I spray it behind my knees about midday, rub it in and I swear it's like taking speed, that's why I can't do it at night.

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    Could be a few things, certainly you will wake up if your blood glucose gets low while you sleep because you will secrete cortisol to increase blood glucose. Another option is low magnesium levels. You drink 3 cups of coffee so that's a red flag given that it's a diuretic and will cause a loss of magnesium. This is typically not a problem if your veggie or nut intake is high, and insomnia from a magnesium deficiency is typically accompanied by one or more of the following:

    muscles spasms or cramps
    restless leg syndrome
    heart palpitations
    increased thirst
    frequent urination
    Nervousness or anxiety
    hot flashes or night sweats

    The easiest way to find out if you have a magnesium deficiency is to take magnesium and see what happens. Unless you have kidney issues you will just piss out the excess. If you have kidney disease or issues you should consult your doctor first.

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    A small serving of starchy carbs at dinner should do ya.

    Sweet potatoes are awesome for this. They'll make you good and sleepy and then ZzzZZzzzZZzzzz...

    Or a cup of herbal tea with some honey, maybe 1 teaspoon. Your body is experiencing low blood sugar at night and your adrenals are freaking out.
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