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Thread: A better cook since going primal

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    I'm a good cook now but definitely CW. I will *have* to become a better cook with paleo as I use things like spices etc. to make food taste good instead of things like breading. I used to bread nearly everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraSB View Post
    Absolutely! I don't think it's me, though. I think it's the ingredients. DH and I were pretty adventurous, students of FoodNetwork, always lamenting the crap selection of good ingredients in our local grocery stores, but we were a little timid when it came to meat portions and use of cooking oils and fatty ingredients. I have really stepped up my cooking and shopping contribution, because I am the primal driver in the family and everybody is happy with the primal meals that have been appearing. I have sourced pastured meat, dairy and eggs, local organic produce, good olive and coconut oil. Nearly every primal recipe I've made has been a winner, according to my family, whereas previously, DH and I were happy with a 50% success rate.
    That's been my experience. As long as I am on top of things, making awesome food is easy. Just yesterday I went out to my second fridge in the garage (previous owner left it there, thank God) and grabbed some lamb hearts, some chicken livers, some fish stock, and some chicken stock. Then I went inside and finished bottling up some lamb stock. With ingredients like these there's always flavor. Though my husband who hates fish did not like the miso soup made with fish stock, but, objectively speaking, it was the best "authentic" miso soup I've ever had.

    It does take time, though. Even with two slow cookers and a food processor. And, uh, I was completely freaked out by the huge fish head that I got a Whole Foods when I asked for something to make stock. I put it in, and took it out, of the crock pot with my eyes closed. I have a fear of scaly things, and non-mammalian things in general.

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