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Thread: Ripped Eating Bread And Pasta

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    Quote Originally Posted by streety100 View Post
    I'll be getting the DVD Al!

    Brookesam thank you for your response. I do eat sweet potato and fruits but I thought normal potato was not part of eating primal? I've been reading up on the site and see white rice is acceptable (if I've read it correctly) which is great news as I do love my white rice. If I can have white rice and potatoes it's pretty much bread and pasta that's off the menu (and obviously the processed junk!)
    Mark did a post a while back about white potatoes...
    Are Potatoes Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple

    You might have to copy and paste it I seem to do good with sweet potato and white potato but I normally peel them.

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    Normal potatoes are fine as long as you aren't sensitive to nightshades.

    Are Potatoes Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple
    Are Potatoes Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple
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    Yes, white potatoes are unfairly maligned. I regularly have a big steak or a bunch of salmon over a potato. I'm not ripped, though. I'm a sexy endo/mesomorph. Gonna always be a little soft around the edges.
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    Thanks guys

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