Ok, so I need to set the scene here. I have a sister who is rather unusual in many ways, I have no idea how to describe her except that she is extremely opinionated and dogmatic and narrow minded while at the same time she is a hypochondriac and probably has the mental age of somebody much younger. (she is middle aged) She often gets information completely ballsed up and she misinterprets a lot. She gets very obsessive about things. I guess you could describe her as simple but she sees herself as very in the know with most things. It is a frustrating combination of personality traits!
She is also very unhealthy and obese to the highest extreme and has a terrible diet of high sugar and grains and not much in the way of nutrient dense or real food. She has a habit of liking to blame others, mainly me, for everything that happens to her daily life.
Anyhow, recently she ate about 3 or 4 fries (very, very thin) which I had cooked in beef tallow. A week or so later, she is in hospital with a gall bladder attack and pancreatitis. She is telling anybody who will listen that it was 'my' fries that put her in hospital. She said that the Doctor said something must have triggered it and he agreed that it could have been that. Mind you, she probably neglected to tell him she ate 4 fries, not a plateful and as she talks non stop without a breath, he probs would have said anything to shut her up and get out of the room. Anyhow, my question to those in the know is could something like that actually have happened? Could this tiny bit of fat be the straw the broke the camels back so to speak? I am finding it hard to be patient with her constant going on and on about it and I would have doubted it to be true but maybe it could be ????
Is anybody up to speed on the causes of these things? Obviously she will never believe my anyway but for my own information, if anybody thinks it is likely it might stop me from losing the plot with her! thanks!