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Thread: Advice on P90X Yoga

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    Advice on P90X Yoga

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    Is P90X yoga too intense to do more than once a week... like say... 3 times a week?

    After the muscle soreness all over my body from doing it, I was just wondering if it would count as good bodyweight exercise (lift something heavy... I'm heavy). It's not really a plan right now. I have a month to go to finish my current routines and I am looking through everything I have to create something that I can get deep with and still get results. (bodyweight exercise revolution has spoiled me). So it is just an idea.

    I started P90x a while ago but never finished it because of time constraints. I have the same constraints which is why I'm not really looking into finally going through the full 90 days of P90X, at least not yet. it is on my "to conquer" list. Maybe in the Fall when I have just one class contending with my free time before graduation.

    So, those who've done Yoga-X or any form of intense yoga, what's your opinion?

    edit: my other fitness goals are still in effect. I'm just not in a rush, I'm trying to develop my whole body in a balanced fashion, and work on my flexibility more
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    I get nervous about anyone rushing into any sort of advanced yoga w/out being in an actual class w/ a trained teacher (who can show you how to modify poses to meet your needs.) I would recommend going to an actual class personally, at least a few times, to learn what proper alignment should feel like. You can really injure yourself w/ yoga if you are practicing incorrectly.

    I do practice intermediate/advanced vinyasa flow yoga and have found it to be a wonderful way to build strength, flexibility and balance, BUT after adding in compound body weight exersizes and doing HIIT style workouts, I think of it more like my slow steady movement. I have gotten soreness from it starting it up again after a long break, and I KNOW it helps me build strength, so maybe in many ways it could count as lifting heavy things. I practice it 3 x a week in addition to my other workouts (and I'm really a newbie to working out w/ the bodyweight, HIIT stuff.) I'd say it's ok to do 3x, IF you started going to classes even just 1x a week for a month or so, to make sure you're not harming yourself!

    (I'm pretty conservative when it comes to this stuff though, and yoga is ALL about alignment. I also think there are better, harder yoga dvd's available that teach more about alignment than the P90X one. I love the Brian Kest one, enjoy David Swenson's Ashtanga first series [great for learning the basics, but also a pretty advanced practice], and love Shiva Rhea's Yoga Shakti. Spelling could be wrong on some of those names--sorry!)

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    Thank you, that answered my question and the follow up. I am going to look for a class to try for a little while to get into it, I would rather be safe... I guess i always thought about yoga as the thing you did on the day you didn't want to get hurt, but I can see exactly how dangerous that can be. I will start with classes and see how I feel about it from there.

    *edit: By some twist of fate it turns out I have Power Yoga, it's been sitting on my shelf for years. But I will still take your safety advice and find a class first.
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    There are some dvds that are not as intense, and I personally *did* practice for months in the beginning just using them. (They were really simple and hatha style ones though--not power/flow or higher level as P90X may be...) BUT, I *was* doing things wrong in my home practice, and going to an actual class, even a few sessions, helped me to learn what correct alignment was supposed to be/feel like.

    I'd still practice at home, (in addition w/ going to a few classes) maybe trying easier dvd's to start--just be gentle w/ yourself and be careful! If you are feeling REALLY sore from your home practice, that would worry me.

    Good luck! I LOVE yoga, and have found it's only brought wonderful things into my life!

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    Any recommendations of good beginner DVDs, sometimes for us bigger guys it could be embarassing/uncomfortable to attend a yoga class with smaller flexible people when we're hulking it in the corner.

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    Rodney Yee is a fabulous instructor - he has several DVD's available for all levels. He explains things well and is very soothing to listen to. I believe you can find some of his DVD's at places like Target. You could try "Yoga for Beginners" and "AM Yoga for Your Week" to start. If you go to Collage Video and do a search for Rodney Yee, you can see all his videos and preview clips from his various DVD's.

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    That's strange, it turns out I have one of Rodney Yee's DVDs at home too. This is strange, I have never thought about yoga before (beyond P90X) but I seem to have a large library of yoga dvds... me thinkst my sister was afoot.
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    I second Rodney Yee if you want yoga several times a week. P90X yoga I would not do more than once a week. Just my preference though.

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    I have done Yoga a few times at the gym. I enjoyed it and would like to do more yoga but I find it challenging to be a the gym for certain times that the class are taking place. I recently tried the P90X yoga and quit after 30 minutes because I found it extremely boring and repetitive (same poses over and over again). Is this normal Yoga? Perhaps thats just the way Yoga is suppose to be? Are there different types of Yoga?
    Does anyone have any suggestions of good DVD videos I can try?
    Thanks in advance for any helpful info!

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    there are many different types of yoga. records live classes from a variety of teachers and you simply pay for an online membership and can download whatever you're looking for and try lots and lots of different things.

    at least, i think that's the web site.

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