Hello Everyone!

I would really appreciate anyone's advice regarding my current training and diet. First a little about me. I started the PBP last December and started at 265 lbs at 6'. I am now 186 lbs and still 6'. I am guessing that I have about 10-15 more lbs to go. I am pretty much like anyone else that has lived by the primal blueprint, my life is very different then it once was.

I have joined Karate after a 15 year departure and started sparring once a week. I am still pretty low carb, eating a lot of different greens for my carbs, and I have also played around with carb refeeds. I am still trying to lose my spare tire while reach certain fitness goals. This is where I would appreciate some advice.

I have 2-3 regular karate classes throughout the week that I get through ok. On sparring nights, I feel like I am going to drop dead from a heart attack. I do really good in my matches but can hardly breathe and tire extremely easy. I am guessing that it has to do with my fasting and low carb/low cal diet.

I am looking for some advice about how to fuel for this day as well as post workout meals. I am thinking that I could refuel with sweet potates or white rice along with fruit but I am wondering if I should go straight into my low carb way of living for the rest of the week until my next sparring event which takes place on Friday's.

Should I fuel that day or the day before? With what? I enjoy the PBP way of living and am not interested in straying from that.

Thank you everyone for your time and interest.