Hi all

My first post here. Glad to be around people of the same mindset!

I have a question. I want to start up boxing again. I used to box once a week and really enjoyed it. I am moving shortly to a new area and their is a boxing gym two minutes away which I intend on signing up to.

Ideally I'd like to have a physique like Floyd Mayweather below (boxer with his top off)

50 Cent confirms beef with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I want to have fairly big arms but be lean as well. I've always wanted to get "big" but realise that it might not be easy if I follow the primal way of living. So instead I'd like to be healthy. Think that's far more important after reading Marks book.

My question is how can I incorporate weights with boxing to add some muscle and still be primal? Or is it a case of if I box too much I won't have any chance of putting on muscle?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated