I've been using most of the Primal Blueprint for a little over 2 months, after easing into some of the food changes since May. Now is the time to get a little more serious about it. I've seen great weight loss so far and I gotta keep it up! I can't let a little lapse in judgement by giving in to cravings derail what I've already accomplished. After all, I've given away most of my "big clothes" anyway. There is no going back!!!
Getting back on track for real today by compiling carb lists to monitor them. I usually resent tracking things like carbs and calories, but I'm going to do it for at least a week, maybe 2. I need to know what I'm eating and what pitfalls to avoid. Went Hunting/Gathering (grocery shopping) yesterday. Wish we had more options in the stores for healthier meat. Note to self: Google local farms for meat.

I'm not very good at the followup w/ things like this, but I WILL post today's meals tomorrow! (Must remember.... must remember..... must remember....)