OK, here comes my own special fad diet; Gorbags Egg diet(TM)!!! Basically it goes like this; One egg and one extra egg white for every 10 pound of bodyweight per day. My bodyweight is 210 lb., so in my case I can eat 21 whole eggs and 21 extra egg whites per day. I am allowed to eat less eggs but not more. This I will eat for four days per week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday I will eat half of this, = 11 whole eggs and 11 egg whites AND 3 pound of potatoes. The potatoes are for these three weekdays only. On this diet you can have as much dietCoke, tea, coffee as you like and also one cube of chicken/beef broth per day or a little plain gelatin powder. Also use sparingly: salsas, splenda, soy sauce, tabasco, salt, spices/herbs, etc. A splash of milk in your coffee is also allowed. That’s practically everything to it!

So what do you guys think – is this a sustainable way to lose some pound of weight? The diet combines eggs with potatoes on three of the weekdays to get some carbs to fuel exercises and fill up the glycogen a little.

Anyway, I am starting out on Monday and I am going to try this for four weeks only. I am 50 years old and hope to lose 8-10 lb. of body fat by doing this. At the moment today my body weight is 210.2 lb. and I am 187 cm tall. I am doing resistance training and some running most of the week days.

Here is a photo taken of my waistline from yesterday. After finishing the diet I will post another to see if there is some improvement to notice: