I think supposedly no more than 50 grams is absorbed. I am not quite sure but I learned that extra protein generally is turned into sugar via gluconeogenesis. Excess sugar of course is either burned or stored as fat.

When following Leangains or just eating a after workout meal I tend to get about 100 grams of protein. Typically i have made a meal of two servings of Whey Protein (40 grams) and then I might couple it with a meal because of convenience.

With Leangains there is the window where I have to fit in my calories, while it is not too restrictive to fit in a day's calories in 8 hour window, it forces one to have larger meals therefore more protein.

Typically along with my protein shake, i might have a omelet or a nice juicy half pound burger patty which is like (50 grams of protein).

That is just an example. But I don't doubt that i might consume nearly 100 grams a protein in a meal. I restrict carbs so I rely more on protein and fats.

I am pretty fit. I have lower body fat already from workout out and proper nutrition. However I am concerned if I could be sabotaging my efforts by having too much protein at a time.

Is 50 grams the limit?

Would waiting an hour after a after workout meal to have a protein shake help with protein absorption?

I definitely believe now that I should stop using two servings of protein powder at a time. That is my take away, but could one argue that refilling after a workout might allow one to absorb more protein than usual?

What do you think about Gluconeogenesis?