I've sucessfully resisted draught and bottled beer for some time. I also find it easy to. Say no to most commercial cider -- foul stuff that's sweeter than anyone with adult tastes can abide even if there's not a definite chemical tinge. You know the sort of thing -- pasteurized, filtered, probably flavoured, brewed with an eye to the lowest cost rather than quality, and aimed at the alcopop generation. A few years ago an Irish cider -- Magners -- was launched in the UK with a carpet-bombing advertisement campaign that told people to put ice in it. (Honestly.). I bet no-one in Ireland drinks the muck. We also have a plethora of Swedish ciders and perries that taste like soft drinks.

As for the mass-produced stuff from Hereford or Somerset -- it's no better. Most of it has never even "seen an apple" being made from cheap apple-juice concentrate from Eastern Europe.

You can still get "real cider" from small craft producers but it"s not so easily available.

My current stumbling block is Addlestones Cloudy:

Home - Addlestones Premium Cloudy Cider

It's a mass-produced product, but at least it hasn't been filtered to death, has probably "seen an apple" and has a pleasingly sour, tart taste.

Of course, none of this stuff is really primal and all but occasional use will derail you ...