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Thread: Diet professions

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    i think you might be missing the point a little bit. does a primal/paleo/ancestral diet mean high fat? generally yes, but that's only in macronutrient measurements. but look at the actual food that gets eaten, or look at the primal food pyramid, and it is teeming with brightly colored vegetables and a side of meat. granted, those vegetables might be cooked in animal fat or have butter on them, but it's still great food to eat. vegggies, high quality protein sources, local food, and, like you said, no trans fat (an idea everybody can get behind). there are a lot of paths to good health.
    this is where ancestral diets and CW come together. there are differences when it comes to grains, legumes, saturated fat, etc., but why focus on those? getting millions of people to change the way they've been thinking for sixty years isn't going to happen by telling them where they were wrong; it's going to happen by telling them where they were right and where they can learn more.
    I get your point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    if you tell a doctor or a nutritionist that you eat all whole foods, organic and non GMO when you can, mostly vegetables, a quality piece of meat, and a few carbs from veggies, fruit and potatoes, but avoid sugar and grains, that doctor/nutritionist is going to give you a medal. but if you start off by saying you put butter on everything, including your breakfast of bacon and coffee, they're going to give you lipitor.
    haha god this is so true...

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