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Thread: Facebook luddite

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    I have an account, and only about 30 friends. At first, it was a bit overwhelming. But I have learned to restrict feed from some people, and learned how to not get constant updates about games and crap that friends are playing. (I really don't care that you need to feed your virtual animals. I have my own real ones that I need to take care of.) I have a long list of people who would like to be my friends, but I really don't want to keep up with them all. I like having (in real life) a few close friends, and don't need to be in a popularity contest like middle school kids. I don't feel bad at all about not friending everyone who asks. People who actually know me understand why.

    Pluses - there are a few people, friends current and from the past that I have been better able to connect to. I enjoy the things that they bring up, usually health related, politics, injustices and other news worthy things. (It was through one of their links that I found MDA.) I belong to a couple of groups. One is mothers and otherwise "crunchy" people. Some are Paleo, some not, there are some great ideas, some not so great that I ignore. Another group is focused on the agrarian lifestyle. I joined a couple of groups for low cost/freebies but have since unjoined as the stuff they have is never free and isn't stuff that I am interested in following. I belong to a couple of closed homeschool groups. All in all, I prefer the closed groups so that stuff I post is not posted for everyone of my friends and family to see.

    Downside: I spend too much time checking to see what is new. I will probably need to downsize in groups that I belong to in the not distant future. There are some things I don't want to know. I don't need to know that your daughter broke up with her boyfriend. My parents might like it if I posted more photos of the kids, but I don't want them to have an online life yet. One friend did say that I needed to post more about my life, but really, I am very happy lurking in the shadows, speaking up when they have something that they feel is important to say. My life is not that interesting to my friends without kids, who have jobs, who are not homeschooling.

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    Fuck Facebook. Seriously, what an obnoxious waste of time it is. I deleted my account years ago, when it first started getting really annoying with all the "Feed" and notification crap. I've seen it plenty of times since and oh my gods, it's even worse than it was then.

    When I want to talk to my friends, I call them on the phone, write them an email or send them a text. I don't need to be updated with every inane life detail and shitty internet meme-of-the-day from everyone with whom I have even a passing acquaintance. I have real live things to do and real live people to see. And my social calendar is no emptier without it, because I have actual friends, who care about me, and who won't ignore me or forget to invite me to things just because I'm not on Facebook.
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    I don't do FB and never have. I find the whole concept annoying and pointless. Those I care to keep in touch with I do so via phone, text or Skype.
    And what bugs me even more than FB itself are the frequent questions from acquaintances:

    Them: Do you have a Facebook account?
    Me: No. I don't get it and don't need it.
    Them: But you HAVE to get on there. It's absolutely awesome. You'll find old friends and school/work mates on there, and will be able to get in touch with them again.
    Me: And why exactly would I want to do that?
    End of conversation. LOL!

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    Last two posters - you seem a little angry Its just a web site that some enjoy.

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    I recently got a FB account. It has a fake alias, just like here. I'm a little surprised at how people don't realise that what they post is essentially in public.
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    I have one, but it's mostly so I can keep an eye on my (think they're) grown kids and because it's a good way for The Boyfriend's family to get to know me. I also use it to be updated on things like decent recipes, new studies and also to keep in the loop about career path I'm trying to get into.

    I don't do the whole obession thing, mostly because I don't have time to correct all of the stupidity I see. I've got past and current friends that are everything from uber-liberal vegan/LGBT activists to ultra-conservative pro-life Bible thumpers and everything in between. I can't possibly be patient with all of them, so I just limit my FB time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarasue624 View Post
    I'm a psychopath and unemployable? Oh, good grief.
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    Make sure you click like on as many political related stuff as possible
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    I don't have a FB account and have no desire to get one. FB reminds me of those annoying Holiday newsletters families used to send out with Xmas cards; they seemed so impersonal, but at least they were only once a year whereas FB is constant. Maybe it works for people who have so many friends they can't possibly take the time to interact with them individually. Also if I've lost touch with people from my past it's probably not by accident. If some one really wants to to get in touch with me I'm sure they can find me.


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