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Thread: Facebook luddite

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    After my Dad died all my cousins joined and I like watching what they are doing as we would not be in touch at all otherwise. After joining I found abunch of old high school friends that I hadn't stayed in touch with either. I think its kind of nice to stay in touch with people that you wouldn't have otherwise. Which someone might say why bother if you wouldn't have bothered. Because its easy. Writing and emailing take time and energy. Looking at facebook daily does not. I also got hooked into some scrabble type games that I play daily - enjoy them (also through facebook)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I've managed to make it all this time without facebook. Do you think I should join? Is there any way to join and not really be you? I hate the whole nosy big brother aspect of it.
    What's the point of joining if you aren't you?

    People are always freaking out about anonymity and big brother and all, but they forget that THEY have control over their privacy settings, and THEY have control over their content. Don't say shit you wouldn't want your mom or potential boss to hear. Nobody needs to know where you are, who you're with, what seats you just booked for the monster truck show, what satellite radio you're listening to, how many games of bubble pop you played today...unless your post it or your privacy settings are wide open.

    You can filter your 'friends' into categories and tailor your posts to lists. I have a short list of friends who I feel comfortable being completely unfiltered. About half my contacts are 'acquaintance' status and see just a fraction of what I have to say.

    I get a wide variety of paleo/primal/real food/low carb content from facebook. And sooo many cute cat photos. They should really call it Catbook.

    Facebook I get. Its Twitter that annoys me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I've managed to make it all this time without facebook. Do you think I should join? Is there any way to join and not really be you? I hate the whole nosy big brother aspect of it.
    If you want to be private there's no point to being on facebook. Once you join you cannot delete your account, only deactivate it.

    Facebook has its uses, as people have pointed out. Depends if you want those benefits more than you want privacy.

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    I very rarely log in to mine anymore. It's useful when I want to track down someone I haven't talked to in forever, but I don't stay logged in for very long, and I don't post anything. If I had been more aware of what it was and what it would become when I signed up, I would have used more fake information.

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    I have used Facebook to keep in touch with and see pics of friends who have between the group of us have migrated to the 4 corners of the world.
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    "About half my contacts are 'acquaintance' status and see just a fraction of what I have to say"

    Wrong, once Google gets hold of it anyone can.

    I use FB reluctantly, mainly to get to know some guys who go off-road motorcycling, as it's somewhat dangerous doing it by yourself.

    Today I used to rant my disgust as some people who decided to plant themselves directly beside my father and law while we were fishing. I don't care how often you go there or if it's your favorite spot or whatever, if someone else is already there then it's just plain rude to sit beside them. Like trying to share a bathroom stall or something...

    But if you don't already have an account? No, you certainly don't need one.

    My advice is don't start, as you cannot remove stuff properly and you get all sorts of weird updates and stuff, and the user interface truly sucks.

    Not to mention sucking time and your phone's battery... I'm a little tired of my phone (and my data plan) telling me that someone "liked" a photo that someone else tagged that had me in it or something. Like I care?

    Then you get the whole "why didn't you 'like' so and so?" stuff, where you're apparently obliged to tick the 'like' thing like a bloody lab rat...

    If you want to keep up with some friends, share updates and photos, try 'Wattsapp' on Android, iPhone or Windows mobile. Takes awhile to get all your friends on there but to me it has all the benefits of FB without the downsides.


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    Part of me despises FB, everything about it. But, I have made a lot of real friends and gotten in touch with wonderful relatives who would not be in my life without it. Necessary evil for me.
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    I have an account, but I rarely use it, I've never really 'got' the FB thing, I just don't understand what people see in it, or the public sharing of information.

    I mean if I want to tell people stuff I'll e-mail or phone THEM, for organising group mountain-bike rides I always found forums more appropriate, and I use a yahoo group for a little close-knit group of home-edders to orgainise meet ups. I just don't see why FB is better for any of those. I'm not into broadcasting everything I do to everyone I have met ever, nor am I interested in filtering through morons broadcasting everything they do to everyone they know to get to one bit of information I might need.

    It does seem to be getting more and more difficult to ingnore as people and businesses default to it for communication. It seems to be that if you 'put it on facebook' you have done everything you need to do to communicate information, and if you miss something it's your fault for not being welded to facebook 24/7

    Having said that, I am going to start using it more as a way to promote my etsy shop I'll be starting soon, but it will be very busisness focused.

    The whole thing reminds me too much of 'Blind Faith' by Ben Elton
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I've managed to make it all this time without facebook. Do you think I should join? Is there any way to join and not really be you? I hate the whole nosy big brother aspect of it.
    If you don't have a specific reason for joining Facebook, I'd say that you shouldn't bother. You won't get enough out of it to make up for the loss of privacy. The privacy part is not just giving your name, location, etc.; once you join, Facebook also tracks everywhere you go on your computer while you are logged on to Facebook. Supposedly, they do not track you after you log off the site. Not sure I believe that.
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    That tracking everything I do on my computer is the thing that bugs me. I guess I won't join. I feel like an idiot though sometimes because I know so little about facebook (and even less about Twitter). I'm a web developer and you think I'd know something about it, but I have hardly ever been to the facebook website since 90% of the time if I click on a link it tells me I have to join in order to see anything. So I have hardly ever seen anything. I think the most I have seen on the facebook website are documentation pages for web developers, but even then I've barely looked at that, either. All anybody ever wants for their website is a facebook button.
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