I hate to start with a failure, but after 3 days of successful Primal eating (OK, there was a little batter on the fried oysters, but I only had a couple.) I crashed and burned at the buffet today. I agreed to go out of reflex, the options at this Korean place are considered healthy by traditional standards.

I had 10 pieces of sushi, rice, fish and avocado, no mayo. (bad rice, bad soy sauce)
Broccoli - steamed and seasoned (good)
Spicy cucumber salad (good)
Bean Sprouts (bad, I think. Beans are legumes)
Bulgogi - lean beef (good)
Sweet Potato starch noodles, I think there is buckwheat in there also (?)
3 pieces of General Tso's chicken (no excuse), but I skipped the other fried, battered options.
Green tea to drink

Before attempting Primal, this was considered a healthy lunch.

Bison steak tips for dinner, with a salad.