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Thread: Made my first batch of slow cooked bone broth..I have a few questions?

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    Made my first batch of slow cooked bone broth..I have a few questions?

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    Not sure if I used enough bones?
    The recipe I found was from Primal on a dime.
    It called for four grass fed beef bones, so I used 4 knuckles/marrow from my towns farmers market. (2 per package, 1/2 lb)
    The bones were rather small though, and I'm not sure if I was supposed to use larger bones? Any suggestions?
    It tastes quite flavorful, not too strong at all, like a light beefy flavor. Just wondering, is it supposed to taste stronger/*more gross*? LOL

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    I come from a family that regularly made bone broth.

    Regardless of how many bones you start out, if you cover the bones with water and a bit, you'll make a good broth.
    Beef bones can be browned in the oven first, and this adds colour as well as a bit of flavour.
    If you ever make it and think it tastes too strong (I never do, and it sure isn't gross!) just add some water.

    Hope that helps.
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    Ok great, thanks! Tomorrow I am going to pick up a few more and try a bit more.
    How often is is safe to be consumed? Any recommendations?

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    I try to drink and cook with at least a cup a day, or more if I can. I use stocks in soups and sauces, in mashed vegetables, just about any way I can. It's perfectly safe, and very good for you.

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