Not negative as in no blood, but very high triglycerides (I think he said 340) and high LDL. I don't know what his HDL number is. He's already on medication for high blood pressure and the doctor, after getting these cholesterol results, wants to put him on statins. I confess, when he texted this to me, I cried and stressed that I really, really, REALLY don't want him on statins and that we were going to change his diet first.

He's always been very thin and only in the last six years he's been putting on weight- getting a pot belly, even. I'd make the occasional comment but didn't want to nag him. He likes his carbs and is very upset that he hasn't been having any sugar, grains, beans or beer in the last week. I've been making his lunches and dinners and he loves them, has been praising my cooking to an almost embarassing degree on facebook :P. He also has a little red wine, maybe a glass or two every other day and once this week he had some dark chocolate. He almost wept with gratitude.

He says his pants don't feel different but I swear after a week, his gut does look a little diminished. This morning he told me he's really hungry, more hungry this past week than he's ever been. I'm encouraging him to eat more, as long as it's the 'legal' stuff, and that I would make sure there are more convenient things in the fridge, hard-boiled eggs, for example. Avocados? What other convenient fillers? He loves cobb salad and ranch dressing and I found a dressing recipe on the net I'm going to try tonight.

I sound like I'm writing in my diary.

Anyway, he wants a banana in the morning- do you guys think that's okay? I know some fruit is good and it's not like he's trying to lose weight (not really, just make the pot go down, he's still quite slim) but do you think the sugar in bananas will be too inflammatory? But I also think he's hungry because his body is all freaked out because for the first time ever it's not using simple carbs for fuel. Which is weird, because he's also the kind of person who naturally IFs, eats only once or twice a day. Now it seems he wants to eat more.

Also, he's walking on the treadmill for about 15-20 minutes every morning, which is unheard of!

In the end, I'm scared. I've always been extremely healthy and have never worried about trying different diets and experimenting on myself. But now I've got a loved one who's counting on me to give him what he needs. He's not interested in reading the book, he knows intellectually that this is the right thing for him. This isn't just about the banana. I will probably ask some pretty dumb questions over the next few weeks that I wouldn't think of asking if it was just for me. How fascist would you be if it was your spouse?