Hi all,

I need some help.

I naturally have low BP. Have had pressure readings my entire life that hovered around 90/60 without noticeable symptoms.

Recently, I've felt kind of "floaty" with very occasional vision fluctuations. I have not fainted, nor have I felt close to fainting. Just an accompanying uneasy feeling.

Last week I was at MD office for an unrelated problem (uterine prolapse just diagnosed; I'm 47) and my BP was 96/45 but I felt pretty good. A bit anxious but I chalked it up to stress from waiting to find out what was wrong with me. Yesterday, I was at the MD and my pressure was 80/45. HR 52. Weight normal. I felt unsteady, but not like I was about to faint. Again, being at the MD can make me anxious (I don't like doctors despite being raised by one and married to one). I do have a cold. It was 10:30AM and I had been IF since 7PM with only a few bites of chicken breast.

I need to raise this BP now that I am feeling symptomatic. What I've read, dietary-wise, is to eat fruit with Vitamin C at each meal and to add B vitamins. I've virtually eliminated all fruit since August but was not a huge fruit eater prior to going Primal. I've started taking some Celtic Sea salt today (just ate a pinch of it). I drink coffee in the AM but it is decaf. I've been drinking decaf for several years now. I exercise almost daily (well, not for the past 30 days due to medical problem but I'm back to long walks and short runs).

Any suggestions? I'm trying to avoid a trip for an evaluation to rule out underlying conditions for low BP, but my best thought is that my naturally low BP just can't handle these swings in pressure. I have been practicing IF for about the past 30+ days; typically not eating between 7PM-11AM.

I appreciate any insight or experience. What I'd love to do is check my pressure various times of the day, but that is a pain without a home device.