Hey everyone!

Let me explain my situation very quick: 19 years old, male. I used to eat WAY too much carbohydrates: 10 slices of whole grain bread a day, and then something like potatoes or pasta in the evening. My exercise regime turned out to be healthy my whole life. I cycle to college each day, an hour a day. I cycle or walk virtually every distance to friends. I take on average two long strolls (1 hour +) per week. I exercise vigorously once per three days, mostly with bodyweight.

I think I'm near incremental gains in my exercise regime. My diet, VERY not so.

I substituted the following after reading the first half of the primal blueprint:
I now eat 3 eggs (sometimes with bacon) instead of bread in the morning.
I now take 100 g of nuts to college, along with 4 slices of bread. I reduced my bread intake from 10 slices to 4. I still eat potatoes or rice or pasta + vegetables + meat in the evening. I can't really change that, because I still live at home.

I have a couple of questions: my college day is busy and I often don't have a long enough break to eat a proper meal; slices of bread with meat on them are ideal for 15 minute breaks. I also don't like paying for food, when I can bring it with me from home. Eating a warm meal at the canteen is expensive in the long run. What food can I bring with me to college, that doesn't consist of grains?

Dairy: I eat lots of it to supply myself with protein, for muscle gain. 4 glasses of milk and 250 ml of quarck each day. Sometimes I eat bread with cheese. What is the 'primal' stance on dairy? What can I replace it with to supply protein?