My enviable problem right now is that I cannot seem to stop losing weight.

I am 48yo, 5'4", 59kg (more or less, depending whose scales I use). I attend a weights class twice a week.

I started eating primal in June and rapidly reached my goal weight since I really only needed to lose a few kilos. I started out low carb, but for the last few months I have added starchy veges and fruit back into my meals.

Still my weight is dropping. It's gradual and I'm not too upset yet, but I was satisfied two kilos ago, and I would like to know that I can stop when I want to. I love everything else about this way of eating. The food is fanTAStic and my health is great.

I guess my problem is that it comes down to fine tuning and I'm not naturally that kind of person. I would rather just eat and be happy. And I mostly do.

I have been adding cheeseANDbacon to my omelettes, avocado and olive oil to my salads, sour cream and butter to my vegetables, and a milk drink in the evening. This afternoon I made a smoothy with cream and banana and berries.

I'm sure others will have experienced this, how did you cope? Any suggestions??