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Thread: Found a good mexican recipe, I'll never need to cheat on primal again!

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    Found a good mexican recipe, I'll never need to cheat on primal again!

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    Well maybe not never cheat again, but my frequency of cheating will drop significantly. I just discover/created this recipe for paleo bell pepper chicken fajita. In the past about a third of the time I cheat on paleo/primal it is to eat mexican food, a third of the time it is for ice cream and all other foods combined is a third of my cheating. I can now eliminate 33% of my cheating now that I can make some delicious healthy mexican on my own.

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    As an ice cream junkie myself, I found a way to get around that as well! I take two scoops of Mark's "Primal Fuel" into my Vitamix and add an extra tablespoon of organic cocoa powder, a frozen banana and a handful of ice cubes and some stevia powder or agave nectar for extra sweetness. I whip that up to the consistency of soft serve and then I toss in a handful of my homemade primal trail mix*. Whip that up for a few seconds and then top with whip cream sprinkled with cocoa! It tastes close to one of those "Blizzards sold at Dairy Queen".

    *My trail mix has:
    raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, organic unsweetened coconut curls, dehydrated banana chips and organic dark chocolate chips (or you can chop up a dark chocolate bar and toss in). This makes a nice snack mix, but don't eat too much!

    Also wanted to tell you that being part Mexican I grew up eating traditional Mexican food all my life! My Mexican momma is probably the best cook in the world. I learned from the best! I am currently taking all of my mom's recipes and converting them to Paleo friendly meals. Have to say they are absolute bliss! I'm going to be starting a Blog real soon that will incorporate many of those recipes along with some of my Italian husband's family Italian dishes, of which we are also converting. Stay tuned, or if you want, click on my name and add me to your 'friend' list. I'll email you with the blog link once I get it going and you can download all the recipes you want!

    Peace out!

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