Hi everyone. I just started easing into the Primal lifestyle about a month or so ago. My favorite things to eat a few years ago were pasta/noodles, pizza, and BREAD. I gradually ate those items less and less before discovering PB just from what I learned from my biochemistry degree. However, I found myself in a food rut due to the self-perceived "limited food choices" and my limited budget (whee law student!).

I'm challenging myself to come up with more Primal-friendly recipes. So, this journal will be mostly pictures of FOOD. I hope this will force me to come up with both new and balanced Primal meals. I love to cook cuisine from my birthplace once in awhile...which is a fusion of Middle Eastern and Chinese cuisine...so there will be quite a bit of lamb and lots of spices.

I am letting myself eat clean starches (sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice) sparingly on days when I do my most challenging workouts. My body doesn't handle milk/cream very well but does fine on yogurt/cheese. I am not eating legumes other than green beans/peas (since Mark did a post on how they're okay to consume). My 20% is usually clean starches, dark chocolate or peanut butter.

To start off, I already have a few pictures from the past month.


(the "burger bun" and "pizza crust" were made with a coconut flour dough recipe)

I need to stop eating so much cheese...